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Motion Sensor and Pager

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Product Description

No alarm in your patient's room!  With this motion sensor and pager you can send the alert to a pager, which the Care Person can clip to their belt or place on a nearby counter or table.

Place the motion sensor next to the bed (near floor level) or across a doorway, or in any location where you want to detect movement.  When your patient enters the field area of the motion sensor, the signal is sent to the pager which will alarm, alerting the Care Person up to 150' from the motion sensor.

Motion sensor can stand on a surface, attach to a wall or bed with either screws or strong, double sided tape. 

Motion sensor uses three AAA batteries and the pager uses two AA batteries (not included).  Or purchase an AC Adapter for the motion sensor from the Related Products section below.

A simple, yet effective way of monitoring if your patient is getting up or moving around, but still eliminating the noise alarm in their room!

$59.95 including FREE GROUND SHIPPING!

Bed Alarm & Motion Sensors

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